As soon as you sustain an injury or develop a painful condition, the way you move and use that injured body part begins to change. Because you may have pain, stiffness, or swelling, your body begins to make compensations all on its own. Some of them you may notice and some you may not. Regardless, things can start going sideways in a hurry. Though this can be viewed as the body’s natural response to injury, in the end it can be counterproductive. These are the types adaptations that can help make newly occurring pain conditions turn into chronic ones that are more challenging to deal with.

The bottom line is: the sooner you can get my help with your injury, the more you will minimize the roadblocks to recovery and relief of your pain.

So at Allegiant PT, you’ll be offered an initial appointment promptly.

Read the original article found in the Allegiant PT March 2021 Newsletter